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Cheap Jordans push away a door, inside the teacher is pretty many, there is also student, our form master is mathematics male teacher, take a pair of glasses, at the time that Cheap Jordans went in, he was pouring water for he, saw me, hurtled me a smile", Wang Li, sit there." Cheap Jordans ordered to nod and sat at old class of of side up"together teacher, do you seek me" "That what, Cheap Jordans talk to relatively keep, Cheap Jordans feel the time that your background isn't bad, school begins quite good of, but a lot of teachers all respond now, you have a class of time usually make small action, didn't study as .well, this is why, you have to know and study but the only exit." " Cheap Jordans have no, together teacher, Cheap Jordans study pretty and hard." " Cheap Jordans come to seek you, because you still have been already saved, you with gold brick, beard Hao they are different, they already so, if you don't listen to an advising of teacher and continue if this continues, that your whole life ruins." Cheap Jordans why don't know suddenly some animations, title"gold brick and beard Hao they what kind" "You and these a hideous mess of person every day consume together, you can study good" Cheap Jordans hear this sentence and feel to acquaint with more, more is irritating to the ear" Cheap Jordans never feel . zwh20141226 Cheap Jordan Shoes that they are a hideous mess persons, they are my brotherses, friend." May be the voice that Cheap Jordans talk have a little too, the attitude is also not really good, because he of words, stimulated my heart deep place. Together the teacher is also some to is angry"go, Be free, you can walk." "Thank teacher." While returning to a class, Cheap Jordans am to really get angry, Cheap Jordans can feel old class of says beard Hao their those people of time of facial expression, Cheap Jordans don't feel that they have what not good, in addition to study. Is also since this time, Cheap Jordans also had viewpoint to our form masters, he there is also viewpoint to me and also start to be exhaustive of ignore mine, in his eyes, Cheap Jordans also became without type that the medicine can . sav