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Marc Jacobs ay and my mother said

Marc Jacobs ay and my mother said:
just an illiterate, rural women mundane, her own thin shoulders, weak body, extraordinary motherly love, alone bringing up seven children. However, the grandmother, the last of life, but because life unbearable helplessness and chos.Marc Jacobse to commit suicide. Children in difficult times penguin preserved, the grandmother back to his thin, weak shoulders, for the seven children hold up a clear sky. However, to the sons and daughters married, children and gr.andchildren when they were embarrassed because his son did not want to, do not want their offspring and chose to commit suicide because she was not happy, it became my mother and all of us a knot heart, but also a life of everyone ir. rreparable regret. Xiaojiu Ma said Zaozhidaojiu should feel wrong when she promptly went to see her, her mother said, Zaozhidaojiu should adhere to the grandmother to stay in our house, let her go back... but everything has been irreparable. Until now, I still remember the day when I sent my grandmother home, grandmother step back all the way and my mother said: "over two or three days, and so great granddaughter back to scho. Marc Jacobs Tasker ol, I came to you, to when we spend together Nianger Liang Baba then do buffalo eat... " After the grandmother home, my mother still preparing rice,. ready to eat a few days so do Baba grandmother came together, but they like the grandmother of the death. Until now, I still clearly remember my grandmother sent home when eighty grandmother all the way, even my teens, young girls . Marc Jacobs Danmark have to hurry to catch up with her ld. Heard the sad news of the death of my grandmother that day, I was school, ever since my grandmother passed .away after that, I was not able to give the kids to class, only to arrange their own homework, but I was a man hiding in the room, secretly crying, after school, kids crying swollen eyes and looked at me, are scared, then did not da. Marc Jacobs Pung e to say. Finally, wait until after school, I immediately went to the grandmother, the grandmother thought the way to go, the tears would not stop too, when entering t.he house and saw my grandmother lying there when silent tears as broken beads, could no longer control myself, burst into tears, share the pain of the heart, suddenly swept his. Keep the grandmother refused to leave for three day. Marc Jacobs zwh140718 s, three days, I did not end over a bowl. I am afraid of the dead, in front of my grandmother's coffin has not the slightest fear, but rather full of sadness and sorrow, but fortunately at that time as well as take care of my aunt, I was like a kid, like, over and over again repeatedly asked the aunt: " grandmother is not that we do not we'll never see a grandmother," I think of these, could not help but tearful, then, there is Aunt in and take care of me, and now , Aunt also has to go back up... .


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