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Marc Jacobs painful life; so this

Marc Jacobs painful life; so this
parents speak a little heart," said, tears. I know what to do, and instantly thought about what might be Erh sister thing, do not wait for me to ask such question, he suddenly grabbed my shoulder, crying tremble uncontrollably and said, "You have a si.Marc Jacobsister Erh years and did not contact the family, and heard from since, you aunt and Chi child (children are Erh Chi brother, three years younger than Erh) went to Hunan, and did not find ah! That meal, drink a lot uncle, also said a lot .of the original, Erh sister went to Hunan started in a town to the people selling fur fur, her long beautiful, with a new wear on their own as a model, the effect is very good, very good sales performance, so to earn some money to spend to return to . child, then someone always says when you are so beautiful to Erh salesperson can not earn some money, might as well go to a nightclub, Erh thinking own age too big, but not the little girl, taking advantage of some youth of the capital, more money to the children, succumbed to temptation and went, and had thought only hostesses, Zhengdian corkage, I did not expect to kind of place, in front of the scene frightened her, she is not able to control the situation, not o. Marc Jacobs Tasker only did not make money, even scared the first night with a scared, and was forced to drink a lot of wine, the results spit halo pour in a nightclub bathroom. Fortunatel.y, there is a kind waiter to call the ambulance to the hospital, the hospital two days out, empty-handed, they went to a beauty salon as a waiter. Later I met a Hunan native, that person liked Erh, who is also a long tall big pretty decent, Erh see t. Marc Jacobs Danmark e person he is diligent, they live with him together, before the Spring Festival Hai Ba parents want to see the man brought back, the man heard the results of the parent.s divorced, his ex-wife and two children in there, you need this man is completely dependent on the economy, strongly opposed to this marriage, maybe my uncle, aunt honest it is their year on the consequences of reckless married Erh scared, anyway do . Marc Jacobs Pung not agree Erh marry this man. Later, the old man was adamant Erh see, it is estimated dreaded elderly heart hurt her deeply regrets his wayward fun year, babies, parents brought shame .and hurt, to bring their own painful life; so, this time she hesitated. After the Spring Festival return from his hometown in Hunan later, not long and the man broke up, and then again not contacted the family, there is almost a year, the family worr. Marc Jacobs zwh140716 ed that her parents a few months time white head, his mother had hypertension, a person wants to put all kinds of dire consequences over and over, or do not want to give up the last Erh, so sent aunt and brother Chi children go to Hunan trip, find the Erh boyfriend, the caller said Erh from Spring come back after break up with him, the phone number is also changed, I heard went to Guangdong. That day, uncle drunk, crying, and I cried with him, my mother followed the red eyes. Our hearts are looking forward to be . ba


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