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Marc Jacobs up the Germans and

mins: Normal service has been resumed, Muller skips around the keeper and that's a heroic dive by Cesar to nick the ball off him. 58 mins: Another chance for Brazil, playing pretty well now, but sadly it falls to Fred who, well, you can guess the rest. Wrong Said Fred. 57 mins: Klose comes off. Not a bad hour's work. Schurrle on Robert Stewart: E-mailAt current ra.Marc Jacobste of progress Brazil will come fifth in the third place play-off. On a more serious note one cannot help but feel sorry for the Brazilians who have ended up paying for the extravaganza. Let's hope they redeem some pride. 55 mins: Brazil all over the Germans right now. Muller having a magnificent game at front and now back as well, charging back and himself into important tackles. Thulisani: E-mailGood Lord, I didnt think missin Neymar wld take Brazil so out of it, I too wish they cld just throw in the towel(s). Funny too earlier today I read an article on 5 reasons why Germany will will, well maybe there is saving face for Brasil coz there was 3reasons they cld hold off Germany too. 53 mins: Paulinho! The sloppy Germans are all over the place, disgraceful, they'll be wanting to raise their game here or, well, they'll only win eight nil. Lofted ball over to Paulinho on the left, he's got time and space. He has to score. He hits it straight at the keeper. Comes back at him but he fails with the follow-up as well. Neuer with the double save. Lamas: E-mailI wanted Brazil punished, but not this bad. At least it won't get as bad Australia vs American Samoa. Right 52 mins: Oh dear. Oh Brazil. They should have scored. Oscar at the fore, they've opened up the Germans and here's Fred with the chance! He just sort of tumbles over, like a sad and dying tree. Jean Sullivan: E-mailAs a neutral for this match,.Marc Jacobs Tasker it is still a nightmare. And just when you want to say that Germany has deserved this blow-out they seem to be thinking it s fine to push Brazil players over at will. Is there such a thing as a clean game at this stage 50 mins: Brazil play their best stuff of the match, and Ramires gets. to the byline, that's a good effort by Neuer to cut out the cross. Sai: E-mailOh My Gosh!!! I've refreshed my browser after I saw scoreboard changing from Brazil 0 -2 Germany to Brazil 0 -4 Germany. Few minutes later when I saw Brazil 0 -5 Germany, I thought there might virusspam attack on my browser. I'm in the office on the west coast of USA -I do not know if Ger.Marc Jacobs Danmark many is prudent or if Brazil is lackadaisical today. 48 mins: Decent start from Brazil, Maicon wit the ball in, Oscar into the box, tries to dink it over the German defender and just runs into him. Ref not buying the penalty claim. 46 mins: Some subs. Fernandinho is the lucky man to be. taken off. Paulinho can have a dose. The hapless Hulk comes off for Ramires. For the Germans, Hummels gets a rest and Mertesacker gets his chance. 21.01 Bad news for Brazil fans: the second half is beginning. 22.00 Betting manwoman Our betting expert Barry writes: "HT in Belo Horizonte and didn t think I d be writing this in the correct score betting on Bet.Marc Jacobs Pung air six nil Germany is just 41, while 7-0 is 91" 21.59 Couple more emails. Helle Adamsen You may go all German tonight!!!!!! I just feel sorry for the ordinary Brazilian people who have paid for this extravanza - where has the original Brazilian football gone off to But give Angela Merkel and her German .team a little credit - they reign supreme in Europe!! Sad - maybe, but nice to see Europe still have a touch. I bet the humiliation will be total by the end of the match, but will feel sorry for the Brazilian population, they deserved something better. Anna says: "We are as astonished as you are...they just panicked!! What a shame! Can they go home now 21.57 This .Marc Jacobs zwh140709 picture from our German football blogger Randall Hauk HALF TIME BRAZIL 0 GERMANY 5 (AND YES THAT'S FIVE GOALS) Not sure I've seen anything like that. Khedira the pick, a lot of the Germans very good but wow. Brazil. Just utterly awful, so slow, so disorganised, so confused. Feel genuinely sorry for them. Who better than Alan Hansen to assess this defensive misery "In the annals of time there has never been a game like this, a humiliation like this. It is about four levels below rock bottom. It is embarrassing. David Luiz is the captain and he has abandoned ship. Someone had to hold this unit together and he has gone . missing."


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