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Cheap Air Jordans Outlet Online n mouth Yao so Cheap

Cheap Air Jordans Outlet Online n mouth Yao so Cheap
whole body recreation packs walked to come over. "With you introduce for a while, Cheap Jordans am Liu Y Cheap Jordans Xing, you can call my night wolf." Cheap Jordans am pulled in a GL8 business car with beard Hao. The beard Hao wiped to wipe hisher own corner of mouth "Ran to all run, also come back stem what" Cheap Jordans suddenly thoughted of that sentence of gold brick "If really ran, the friend had no of do, very not easy have a friend, Cheap Jordans don't want to lose." The beard Hao saw my one eye, don't talk. Cheap Jordans and beard Hao drive took a wild countryside abandonning of wild Ling factory, they have 78 people's appearance, the younger brother of night wolf moves for him to come to a chair..Cheap Air Jordans Outlet Online The night wolf sits on the chair and looking at me with beard Hao. "Please come over, is is what, you should also know" The night wolf sits over there "You beat our big childe, our eldest brother to make me beg for justice for him." "Some people can beat and literally beat and kill all Be free, but some people, your touching can not touch for a while." "You asked for the person whom you should not ask for now, Cheap Jordans am also handle affairs for somebody else, you 2 give me a parlance and make me give an account to the top so much." Cheap Jordans am all silent with beard Hao, who all don't talk. "How to don't talk, you don't match so to match, Cheap Jordan.s can hardly do of, hurry, talk" The night wolf pushed me a , then pushed to push beard Hao again. "You how don't open mouth, Yao so, Cheap Jordans give you idea, how" Beard Hao deep breathing one breath "Does what we had choose, you want how, you say." "According to the condition of the market, a mouth is 100,000 dollars, the can go to Jian in the hospital and harm of, we don't walk as well legal procedure, you aren't tightly an affair of mouth, big childe in our house is black-and-blue not light, add 100,000, then go to a Ke head for our big childe, recognize one wrong, this affair finished, do you feel" Cheap Jordans and the beard Hao lift up head for almost same times "Can not also earn 100,000 for our house a. year, a mouth is worth so many, that you come to beat me" "You don't understand my meaning, this mouth, see a dozen who, beat wrong person, that is this piece." "My life is also unworthy 100,000." Cheap Jordans this time openings way "And, first begin of, stand up like a forest to living." The night wolf listens to me so on saying and hurtle Cheap Jordans smiled, close behind, on my side Ma Z Cheap Jordans Shou ascend a jilt stick to appear, shine on my head one stick Lun come down, Cheap Jordans heavily pour at ground up, another two people hurtle me on the side Chua Cheap Jordans get up. This book head delivers the 17 K novel net( 034 eight the dragons are one Feng[this chapter word count:2171 latest renewal time:2014-09-10 00:00:00.0] Same time, Cheap Jordans see beard Hao also pour at my side up, we were two don't strike back, be suddenly and violently beaten by these people. Is all blood stain of full face, all over the most painful. The night wolf walked to come over this time and took out a bayonet and looking at me with beard Hao "That like this like, since you don't give money, 50,001 legs, 50,001 arms, Cheap Jordans pick to break one two of you's a hand Jin, one person's a feet Jin, after this affair also even if." He hurtled beard Hao to walk first in the past, several individuals pressed down the beard Hao of ground on the side, the bayonet on the night wolf hand, slowly r.owed on the wrist of beard Hao. "You see, if this if lightly on making an effort, your this hand, during a lifetime also use energy not and up." "Don't !" The beard Hao roared. "That can't, own money return money, ordained in nature, know notYou don't return money, can compensate, a mouth is an ear boring, the ear bores hole lowest is 100,000 indemnifications." Night wolf suddenly raised bayonet to get up. "Do not!" Cheap Jordans also have a little worried. The night wolf turns a head to looking at me and smiled to smile and hurtled Cheap Jordans also walked to come over, by the side of me up, he takes a bayonet "How to wear, were you a plan to money" "I, Cheap Jordans really have no money." The sweat. zwh20141226 Cheap Jordan Shoes and the blood on my face has already together mixs "Eldest brother, we know wrong, give the way out." " Cheap Jordans give you the way out, you must also give me the way out, you not lose money, also not apologize, Cheap Jordans after returning to, how to give an account with my eldest brother." "But we have no money, 100,000, 100,000, you killed me also unworthy 100,000!Hold!" Cheap Jordans suddenly Nu, the whole individual is all some irascible, Cheap Jordans basically control not to live my emotion "You humiliated a person too much!" "Pa" is a mouth, the night wolf stretches hand 1 I "Little his mama and my useless talk ask once finally, you compensate not to lose money." "My his mama really had no money, do you have to persecute to death me!" Roaring loud of my madness. The . beard
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